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Early retirement
How to make this dream a reality

Many people dream of retiring early so they can pursue activities other than work. But making this dream a reality requires careful planning and diligent saving during the years leading up to the anticipated retirement date. This article offers suggestions to meet that goal, including building up retirement savings accounts by contributing the maximum amount allowed by law each year and making other proactive financial moves.

Professional services and the new pass-through deduction: Does your firm qualify?

The recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) added Section 199A to the tax code, providing a new 20% deduction for owners of “pass-through entities.” The new tax break is available from 2018 to 2025. This article is an introduction to the deduction and guidance on determining which firms qualify. A sidebar provides the definition for a “specified service business.”

Charitable IRA rollover eases tax pain of RMDs

One downside of a traditional IRA is that, once seniors reach age 70½, they must begin taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) — and pay taxes on them — whether they need the money or not. But a qualified charitable distribution (QCD), also known as a “charitable IRA rollover,” lets people avoid taxes on up to $100,000 in RMDs. This article highlights the advantages of QCDs over ordinary donations and explains their requirements.

Eyeing a merger or acquisition

Corporations and private equity firms expect a step-up in merger and acquisition activity in 2018 — both in the number and size of those transactions — according to media reports. This article examines the potential benefits and drawbacks of mergers, and offers suggestions for reducing risks.
and, of course, our regular feature:

Client Spotlight – this quarter featuring Cybertrol Engineering.

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