Maximize your business’s 2017 tax savings


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Maximize your business’s 2017 tax savings
Claim all the breaks you’re entitled to when filing your return

Even after 2017 draws to a close, there are still moves business owners can make to save on 2017 taxes. One is to be sure to claim all the tax deductions and tax credits they’re allowed to make. This article highlights some of these areas, including fixed asset purchases, domestic production activities, the research tax credit and the Work Opportunity tax credit. A sidebar briefly discusses how employers might be able to lower their 2017 tax bill by making deductible contributions to employee 401(k), SEP or profit-sharing plan accounts.

Be prepared to put your business on the market tomorrow

In order to have the freedom to make major life changes expediently, business owners should take steps now to be ready to put their business up for sale. This article highlights the sales team, what buyers will examine, and a business’s financial and organizational appeal.

What you should know about making estimated tax payments

Some taxpayers may be required to pay income tax via estimated tax payments. This article explains the types of individuals who may need to pay their taxes this way and the process of calculating estimated tax payments.

Do you need to file a gift tax return?

Individuals who made gifts during 2017 might have to file Form 709 — a gift tax return — when filing their federal income tax returns. This article explains in which situations Form 709 must be filed. It also discusses the handling of hard-to-value assets.

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